Esther Breffka, (18 years old) from Germany who volunteered and stayed at Ya Bana, September 2014::

“I am happy and thankful for the short time we spend together. Life is not about time it is about the love and happiness that you share. This is just one thing which you taught me and I learned so much more about life, faith and happiness during the month with you. I would love to stay longer with you in this magic place which is called Ya Bana. I left with tears in my eyes but the experiences which I earned will be in my heart and I will always be part of Ya Bana because it is my home. It is my deep wish to show my real family my new home in South Africa and I honestly promise that I will come back!”

Annah Dobbs, (24 years old) USA volunteered and stayed at Ya Bana for two months, 2014::

“This place has been my home and these people have been my family and my friends for the past two months. I was beyond blessed to spend two months serving alongside of the incredible staff and volunteers at Ya Bana Village. During my time there I was able to fully experience the beauty of being a part of the Ya Bana Family. We have lived together, worked together, laughed and taught each other so much. It is a healing place, not only for those who call it home, but for every person who sets foot inside the gates. South Africa is no longer just a place on the map for me; it will forever hold a piece of my heart.”

Thomas Hlongwane: Student in the Ya Bana Youth living program, diploma in Office Administration.:

“The youth living centre has changed my life. It has been my home because I have a family and they are meeting my needs. I am so thankful for the accommodation I am receiving and the food we are provided with. Thanks to the donors who are waking up every day working….may God bless them.”

Rulani Khoza: Student in the Ya Bana Youth living program, diploma in Office Administration.:

“The Youth living centre has changed my life drastically to an extent that now I know God has planned my life for a purpose. I now know how to love, respect and serve other people. The house is more than beautiful, the rooms, kitchen and the dining room are comfortable with big space. I really appreciate the privilege of being in this place. Giving thanks to the donors that God pointed and touched to come and help us. I am looking forward to become a donor to this place…thank you!”

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